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Sargent Group

At Sargent Group Consulting, we support the dementia community to live their best lives by making travel, tourism and hospitality more inclusive. We share our knowledge and experience to help the travel, tourism and hospitality industry become more dementia inclusive. And we provide bespoke travel advice and assistance to the dementia community so they’re more able to enjoy holidays through organisations that are right for them. Dementia changes different parts of each person’s brain, meaning our community has to overcome the full spectrum of barriers experienced by those living with other disabilities. That’s why, just like Purple Tuesday, we recognise the importance of inclusion for every disability. We believe that by working together to create and foster social change through the Purple Tuesday movement, we can all achieve this more effectively. By sponsoring Purple Tuesday, we want to enable them to develop more relationships with like-minded people who can work together with businesses to improve the experience of the disabled customer every day of the year.

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