At Purple Tuesday, we are committed to breaking down barriers and creating environments that embrace diversity and inclusivity. Our Access Audits go beyond identifying physical, cognitive, and sensory barriers – they provide a roadmap to transform spaces into truly accessible destinations.

One Picture containing three separate images, imagine one is a Close-up of an arm resting comfortably on the wheel of a wheelchair, conveying a sense of relaxation and confidence, image two is Two hands holding a clipboard, symbolizing collaboration and engagement in a professional setting and image three is Three people in wheelchairs gathered around a table, actively participating in a business meeting, representing inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

Our audits and reports adhere to the highest standards, drawing from key guidelines including:

-Equality Act 2010

-Equality & Human Rights Commission Statutory Code of Practice 2010

-BSI Standards 8300: 2018

-Guidelines for Providing for Journeys on Foot, CIHT 2000

-Designing for Accessibility, Centre for Accessible Environments 2012

-Design Manual for Roads and Bridges: HD42/17 Non-motorised Users

-RNIB Wayfinding Report, RNIB 2010.


Access Audit Approaches:

  • Walk-Through Access Audit

Process: A pre-agreed set of journey sequences in collaboration with client is undertaken by Purple Tuesday auditors who will identify by sight, cognitive, and sensory barriers in the environment and record areas of concern.

Deliverable: High-level recommendations report with sample photographic evidence.


  • Comprehensive Access Audit

Process: Purple Tuesday auditors conduct a detailed examination of the agreed space gathering photographic evidence, measurements and user feedback.

Deliverable: A comprehensive report and key priorities plan for addressing access issues, aligned with best practice guidance. Our commitment goes beyond identifying issues – we guide you on the journey to building inclusive environments.


    Why Choose Purple Tuesday?

Holistic Approach: Our audits consider physical, cognitive, and sensory aspects, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

Expert Guidance: Purple Tuesday's auditors provide actionable recommendations based on best practices, empowering you to make meaningful changes.

Expert Trust: Choosing Purple Tuesday as your preferred access audit supplier is a strategic decision grounded in our proven track record of successfully completing hundreds of access audits. Our extensive experience in this domain has consistently delivered exemplary results, providing clients with valuable insights and comprehensive solutions. Among our clientele are renowned organisations such as the London Stock Exchange, Great Portland Estates, M&G, Sainsbury’s, and The Telegraph who have entrusted us with their access audit needs, attesting to the quality and reliability of our services. 

  • Reasonable Adjustments, Not Unnecessary Measures:

Purple Tuesday prioritises reasonable adjustments, aligning with the Equality Act 2010. We avoid unnecessary and costly measures, providing practical solutions to enhance accessibility.


    • Why You Need an Access Audit:

Understanding Equality Act 2010 Obligations. A Purple Tuesday Access Audit empowers you to comprehend and fulfil your obligations under the Equality Act 2010. It identifies barriers, suggests reasonable adjustments, and offers a clear plan of action, allowing you to improve accessibility over time.

Defend Complaints with a Reasonable Approach.  By having a Purple Tuesday Access Audit, you not only demonstrate a commitment to accessibility but also adopt a reasonable approach. This not only helps defend against complaints but, more importantly, improves access for all users.

Expertise You Can Trust.  Purple Tuesday boasts NRAC Registered Disabled Access Consultants and Chartered Building Surveyors, ensuring that our auditors are 'suitably qualified' as per the Equality Act Code of Practice. Choose Purple Tuesday for Access Audits that go beyond compliance, creating spaces where everyone feels welcome.




"The value that Purple Tuesday has given to us has been integral. It set us on an amazing journey".

Alexis George

Head of Health and Safety


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