3 images combined into 1, image 1 is The Standard Chartered towers illuminated in vibrant purple, showcasing solidarity and support for Purple Tuesday, a powerful visual representation of commitment to disability inclusion, image 2 is Attendees at Purple Tuesday in Dubai engaged in learning about inclusivity, capturing the essence of the event's educational and awareness-building initiatives for a more inclusive society, image 3 Purple Tuesday staff and ambassadors striking a pose in front of the Standard Chartered logo, adorned with purple balloons. This image reflects the collaborative spirit and celebration of inclusivity at Purple Tuesday.

Accessibility Services

Purple Tuesday support at any point in the design, construction, post-construction or repurposing of infrastructure- both digital and built environments. We audit infrastructure to understand how people interact with your environments. We are heavily focused on people of determination (POD) experience as we know if this is accounted for, the environment will work for everyone.

Digital Infrastructure

Purple Tuesday provide testing and support to make your digital infrastructure meet globally recognised accessibility standards. Experts identify where the accessibility barriers are on your site, app or designs and provide guidance on how to remove them.


We offer:

Pre-Build Consultancy - We provide pre-construction consultancy to ensure that accessibility is integrated into the fabric of digital platform designs. This helps our clients anticipate user needs and regulatory requirements, avoiding costly restructures later.


Digital Diagnosis – A high-level user-led investigation of your website or app to provide an overview of accessibility performance and actionable insights into the user experience. An analysis report is provided offering practical and realistic advice on how to fix issues that have been identified.


Comprehensive Audit - An in-depth assessment against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2) and other industry standards that cover a range of recommendations for making web content more accessible, we also take a reallife approach with POD user testingy Production. An evening event at Canary Wharf will see the iconic skyscraper ‘One, Canada Square’ once again turning the night sky purple.


Mobile Accessibility Test – Using a variety of modern mobile devices including Android and iOS, your content is checked against Mobile Web Best Practice guidelines.


Built Environment

It is important to consider more than the look and capacity of your built environment. How people interact and feel when engaging with your physical spaces is fundamental to the user experience. Purple Tuesday’s access audits work to identify any physical, cognitive and sensory barriers to the external environment for POD’s combined with advice on inclusive practice to benefit and increase participation in these spaces.


We offer:

Virtual 3D Walkthroughs - We offer clients and their customers the ability to visualise and experience the accessibility of their physical spaces.


Walk-through Access Audits - An in-person accessibility review of the physical environment providing a high-level recommendation report to remove barriers identified.


Accessibility Design Review – An independent review of architectural designs that will identify potential barriers for POD users so that alternative approaches can be put in place before construction begins.

 Staff training on accessibility awareness – We believe that accessibility thinking, processes and skills need to be embedded within an organisation to empower them to do it right every time. Our role-based training helps organisations achieve this. Training is offered in person, virtually or as e-learning modules.


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 Email: GLloydwin@WeArePurple.Org.Uk