Participant Plus offers valuable support to help your organisation to improve accessibility and to fulfill its annual Purple Tuesday pledge. You will gain access to a set of unique and tailored resources, which cannot be found anywhere else. Investing in Participant Plus brings numerous benefits, including a positive return on investment, as it helps you to create a more inclusive environment and cater to the needs of disabled individuals.


Benefits of Participant Plus?

    • Improved Compliance: Participant Plus Kickstarts your investment in inclusivity can help ensure that your company is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. This can reduce the risk of legal disputes and potential fines.
    • Expanded Market Reach: Participant Plus helps you prioritise inclusivity, you are opening up your business to a wider range of customers and clients. People from diverse backgrounds are more likely to do business with companies that make them feel welcome and included.
    • Increased Customer Loyalty: Customers are more likely to be loyal to companies that prioritise inclusivity. Participant Plus will help your customers see that you are committed to creating an inclusive workplace, they are more likely to support your business and recommend you to others.
      • Improved Brand Reputation: Companies that prioritise inclusivity have a better reputation in the marketplace. Participant Plus improves brand reputation can attract new customers, clients, and employees.
      • The typical daily consultancy fee stands at £650, but P+ provides an affordable alternative to set you on the right path for a fraction of that price.

Why you should invest in Participant Plus

      • Nearly 1 in 4 customers has a disability, can your business afford to exclude them ?
      • 70% of disabled people will not return after receiving a poor customer experience
      • Over 50% of us have a disabled family member or friend; influencing where we spend both our time and money
      • Disabled people deserve to have good customer experiences
      • A small investment today to support you in making the changes that will make a huge difference to the lives of disabled people.
      • Click here to learn more about the Participant Plus resources.
Looking forward to having you on board and being part of a #MovementMoving