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How the hospitality industry can unlock the £ 15.3 billion spent each year on accessible tourism

Hotel Brooklyn Manchester - investment in accessible facilities delivered additional revenues of £217,000 in its first full trading year. Accessible tourism in England is a £15.3 billion a year market. Guests requiring accessible rooms tend to travel with others, take longer trips, and are loyal guests to hotels that get access right. Hotel Brooklyn is a multi-award-winning boutique hotel which epitomises the business case for embedding accessibility from the outset. Return on Investment In 2022, the hotel’s first full trading year following Covid-19 restrictions, accessible overnight accommodation provided Hotel Brooklyn an additional £132,000 in that 12-month period.  


This equates to £7,333 additional revenue per accessible room and over 100 extra bed nights every four weeks. This was made possible because the accessible rooms had the hotel’s highest occupancy levels and were universally popular for all guests. Significantly, Hotel Brooklyn’s vision of well-designed accessibility has had a positive impact on event bookings for groups that include guests with access requirements. These events contributed an additional £85,000 in revenue in 2022. From charity dinners and award ceremonies to accessible weddings, Hotel Brooklyn has hosted large annual events to smaller, more informal get-togethers, with many disabled guests also booking an overnight stay.  

Ed Warner, CEO and Founder

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