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Where there specific disability related challenges or goals Kindred was experiencing that led you to engage with Purple Tuesday?


“In 2021 we re branded and launched our CSR programme to make sure we were proactively living up to our values as a business, “our People” forms one of the central pillars of that CSR programme. From their physical and mental well-being, to their training and development we want to make sure our team is happy, healthy and motivated. Creating a positive and inclusive environment is a huge part of that which started the process of researching how to achieve it. Through that research we discovered the Government’s Disability Confidence Scheme and Purple Tuesday. From our first interaction with Purple, it was clear we had found the partner we needed to guide us and help us achieve our ultimate goal which is to be a Disability Confident Leader.

What attracted Kindred to Purple Tuesday?


Purple Tuesday’s goal to promote awareness, develop understanding and implement solutions for better accessibility, aligned perfectly with our objectives. We were also taken with your Purple Tuesday celebratory day and it was a great steppingstone for us to start our journey.


Can you share any examples of how Purple Tuesday has supported Kindred in creating a more disability inclusive environment for your employees and customers? Are there any notable initiatives that have been implemented as a result of their support?


We have been working with Purple Tuesday for the last 18 months and they we’re instrumental in guiding us through and helping us achieve our Disability Confident Employer status through the consultancy work we have done with them. Additional streams of work have included….


-Digital Diagnosis – which has led to improve accessibility on our website;

-Disability Confidence Training for Line Managers;

-HR Training on Disability Recruitment;

-Consultancy session on Inclusive Recruitment;

-Lunch & Learn Session on Hidden Disabilities.


Has the training or education resources helped your team better understand and embrace disability inclusion?


Without a doubt. Purple has provided several training sessions for us which have helped the team better understand and embrace disability inclusion, the training has also been targeted to different areas of the business and at different levels of complexity. New policies, procedures and internal training has been put in place as a result of this.


Has Purple Tuesday’s support influenced Kindred’s recruitment and hiring processes? If yes, how has this impacted your disability representation?


Our work this year has focused on a full review of our recruitment policies and procedures With Purple’s help we are implementing more inclusive.


-Job descriptions;

-Job Adverts;

-Recruitment Policy.


We have also started the process of providing training and guidance on making the recruitment process inclusive to our Area Managers.


Have you noticed a change in Kindred perception from employees and customers?


We’ve now taken part in 2 Purple Tuesday celebration days and all our Head Office and Area Managers have been communicated to on the importance of disability inclusion and notified about our Disability Confidence journey as it’s evolved. They have all also received some form of training from Purple and for many this has been on multiple occasions.There is certainly a positive change in perception.


How would you measure the impact or success of the collaboration with Purple Tuesday? Are there any specific metrics or outcomes that stand out to you?


Disability Confidence Employer Status,change in perception internally and the positive and inclusive message we can now convey to our customers and future employees.

If you were to recommend Purple Tuesday to another business or organisation, what would be the key reasons or benefits you would highlight based on your own experience working with them?


If you want to become a disability inclusive business you need expert guidance and support. It isn’t always the easiest path to navigate and Purple are a safe and friendly pair of hands that you can rely on to see you through.