Where expertise meets inclusivity. Our seasoned team of consultants are dedicated to empowering your organisation to reach new heights of accessibility and inclusiveness. If you find yourself seeking support, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Why Purple Tuesday Consultancy?

Experience that Matters:  Benefit from the wealth of experience our consultants bring to the table. We've successfully navigated diverse industries and challenges, equipping us with the insights needed to tailor solutions to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Support:  Not sure where your organisation stands on the inclusivity spectrum? Let us provide detailed evaluations, reviews, and expert advice. Our comprehensive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to enhancing your inclusivity.

Strategic Roadmap Development:  At Purple Tuesday, we understand that achieving true inclusivity requires more than isolated efforts—it demands a strategic and comprehensive approach. Enter our expertise in Strategic Roadmap Development, a cornerstone of our consultancy services that sets the stage for your organisation's journey towards inclusive excellence.


  • Purple Approved –Our Consultancy Services Include, but are Not Limited to:

Disability Leadership:  Forge a path of inclusive leadership with our guidance. We offer strategies and support to empower disability leadership within your organisation, fostering a culture of understanding and collaboration.

Inclusive Recruitment:  Recruitment is the first step toward a diverse and inclusive workplace. We offer insights and best practices to ensure your recruitment processes are not just inclusive but a benchmark for diversity excellence.


  • Accessibility:

Digital accessibility:  In the digital age, accessibility is paramount. Our experts will assess and enhance your online presence, making sure your digital collateral offers a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Highlights: Physical accessibility: Ensure your offices and buildings are fully compliant with accessibility guidelines but don’t just check that box. Our auditors can work with you to provide a functional and accessible place for everyone.

Product accessibility:  Are you sure your products are really accessible to everyone, regardless of ability? Evaluation from our team with disabilities, will test your products to standards (if available) and provide valuable feedback that ensures your products are not only beautiful and functional but accessible to all.

Accessible Communication and Documentation: Effective communication is at the core of inclusivity. We guide you in creating accessible documentation and communication channels, ensuring that information reaches all members of your audience.


  • Disability Policy Creation:

Process: Crafting effective policies is crucial for fostering an inclusive environment. Our team assists you in developing policies that not only meet legal standards but actively promote inclusivity and equality. Legal Responsibilities and Equality Act 2010:


  • Legal Responsibilities and Equality Act 2010:

Holistic Approach: Navigate the legal landscape confidently. We provide insights into your legal responsibilities, focusing on compliance with the Equality Act 2010, and help you create a framework that aligns with inclusive practices.


    Beyond Compliance, Toward Leadership:

Our Strategic Roadmap goes beyond mere compliance, propelling your organisation towards leadership in inclusivity. By aligning with global standards and anticipating future trends, we help position your brand as a champion of diversity, setting the stage for sustained success in an inclusive world.


    • Ready to Transform?

Purple Tuesday Consultancy is your partner in the journey toward a more inclusive future. Let's collaborate to turn your concerns into opportunities and your aspirations into achievements.



"We want to make sure our staff are happy and motivated and creating a positive and inclusive environment is a huge part of that which is why being a Purple Tuesday member has been hugely valuable"

Simon Wrenn

Managing Director


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