Purple Tuesday 2023 exceeded all our expectations, highlighting remarkable growth and engagement. With over 6,500 organisations participating in the movement making 7,200+ changes to accessibility, the lives and customer experience of disabled people is being transformed.


Purple Tuesday was celebrated in 7 countries this year, had an audience reach of over 29.5 million and trended at #1 on X (formerly Twitter). However, the successes realised would not have been possible without the continued commitment and support of sponsor organisations. From all the Purple Tuesday Team, thank you.

 3 images combined into one. Purple Tuesday Ambassadors and Mike Adams standing proudly in front of a Purple Tuesday Banner, symbolizing unity and advocacy for disability inclusion, image 2 is A captivating scene of Purple Tuesday Ambassadors gazing at the Piccadilly Lights, featuring prominent Purple Tuesday branding, highlighting the event's festive atmosphere and commitment to inclusivity, image 3 is Purple Tuesday Global Partners take the stage at Purple Tuesday 2023, engaging in a discussion on disability inclusivity. The image captures a moment of collaboration and shared commitment to positive change.

Download the Purple Tuesday 2023 Sponsor Report for a full review of the impact, achievements and activities of the movement across the year.

Purple Tuesday 2023 Impact Report.pdf