In a remarkable display of global unity, Purple Tuesday 2023 captivated audiences across seven diverse countries on the 7th of November. This year's celebration, which reached far beyond borders, marked a significant milestone for disability inclusion. The momentum of the movement was palpable as events unfolded across the United Kingdom (London, Edinburgh and Watford), UAE, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Germany, along with a profound presence in Pakistan.


United Kingdom, Purple Tuesday kicked off at our flagship event in London at Piccadilly Lights which provided the centre stage for the premiere of our new production #AreYouMyBrand.


Canary Wharf Group hosted a celebration reception at their iconic Level39 venue, providing a unique experience against the city's famous skyline. The event showcased the talents of disabled people with comedy provided by disabled comedian Joshua Robertson and artwork by artist Ian Parker. Awards were presented to Disabled Ambassadors in recognition of their contributions to Purple Tuesday and Global and UK Sponsors shared their accessibility stories in an engaging panel discussion. Attendees had the chance to hear from Purple Tuesday Founder Mike Adams OBE, and Shani Dhanda, the UK’s most influential disabled person and Purple Tuesday Ambassador, gaining perspective on the lived experience and business case for disability inclusion.

3 images combined into one. Purple Tuesday Ambassadors and Mike Adams standing proudly in front of a Purple Tuesday Banner, symbolizing unity and advocacy for disability inclusion, image 2 is A captivating scene of Purple Tuesday Ambassadors gazing at the Piccadilly Lights, featuring prominent Purple Tuesday branding, highlighting the event's festive atmosphere and commitment to inclusivity, image 3 is Purple Tuesday Global Partners take the stage at Purple Tuesday 2023, engaging in a discussion on disability inclusivity. The image captures a moment of collaboration and shared commitment to positive change.

Scotland celebrated its inaugural Purple Tuesday celebration, hosted by Motability Operations. The event brought together Alexander Stark, a local Disabled Ambassador, sponsors and representatives from the Purple Tuesday team for meaningful discussions on how communities and organisations can unite to make a tangible difference in the lives of disabled people in Scotland. 

 Three images combined, Image one is Individuals, both non-disabled and disabled, gathered in a room, all facing a screen displaying Purple Tuesday branding, image two is Alexander, seated in a wheelchair, presenting in front of a screen with Purple Tuesday branding and image three is Purple Tuesday staff delivering a speech in front of a screen adorned with Purple Tuesday branding and surrounded by purple balloons.

Watford, Other independent Purple Tuesday events took place across the UK including one coordinated by the Watford Chamber of Commerce and Disabled Ambassador, Lee Keogh. The event opened by Watford's Elected Mayor, Peter Taylor who introduced showcases by ten local disability-led organisations, networking opportunities, and the illumination of Watford's High Street in purple. The celebrations were supported by Allwyn a locally based organisation and the incoming operator of The National Lottery and Purple Tuesday Founding Partner.

3 images combined into one, image one is Lee Keogh in a wheelchair on stage, addressing the audience in front of a screen featuring various logos, including Purple Tuesday, image two is a top-down view of the Purple Tuesday celebration at Watford Shopping Center and image three is Lee Keogh in a wheelchair alongside a person on stilts, both adorned in purple attire.

UAE Held at the Standard Chartered Towers, Purple Tuesday was a vibrant celebration that brought together Purple Tuesday Sponsor organisations, Government representatives, and People of Determination (POD) Ambassadors for a networking reception and panel discussions with our UAE Sponsors Standard Chartered Bank, SHL and Zurich International. This platform fostered connections and reinforced the commitment to promoting accessibility and inclusion in the UAE.

3 images combined into 1, image 1 is The Standard Chartered towers illuminated in vibrant purple, showcasing solidarity and support for Purple Tuesday, a powerful visual representation of commitment to disability inclusion, image 2 is Attendees at Purple Tuesday in Dubai engaged in learning about inclusivity, capturing the essence of the event's educational and awareness-building initiatives for a more inclusive society, image 3 Purple Tuesday staff and ambassadors striking a pose in front of the Standard Chartered logo, adorned with purple balloons. This image reflects the collaborative spirit and celebration of inclusivity at Purple Tuesday.

Pakistan Purple Tuesday 2023 was commemorated through an exclusive event coordinated by SEED Ventures, our Purple Tuesday Pakistan delivery partner. Business leaders were invited to a roundtable discussion to explore opportunities for enhanced connections with consumers with disabilities in Pakistan. Plans were solidified during the gathering to launch The POD – People of Determination Trade Show in 2024. This initiative aims to champion the capabilities, contributions, and determination of individuals with disabilities, serving as a networking hub and commercial platform for entrepreneurs, companies specialising in assistive technologies, and socially responsible investors.


Fahmida Begum Foundation, based in Karachi also celebrated Purple Tuesday with a series of impactful discussions with students, staff and stakeholders. Mike Adams OBE shared a message promoting an inclusive future in a heartfelt video. Maheen Fahim from Taskeen delved into the challenges faced by those with disabilities and mental health issues, while Dr. Yasmeen Khan, President of Savaira (The Soorty Foundation), emphasised the transformative power of empathy in mental healthcare

Vibrant scene of the Pakistan community and business partners, all adorned in purple attire, standing proudly in front of Purple Branding. The image captures the joyous celebration of Purple Tuesday 2023, showcasing unity and commitment to disability inclusivity.

Hong Kong Purple Tuesday made its debut in Hong Kong at a breakfast reception hosted by Purple Tuesday Founding Partners Leathwaite, Standard Chartered Bank and Sensational Foundation Hong Kong. Together they introduced the movement to over 50 businesses and disability organisations, showcasing the celebrations that were taking place around the world.

The Leathwaite offices adorned in a regal purple hue, creating a festive atmosphere as sponsor organizations come together, striking a pose for the photo. The image reflects a collaborative spirit and commitment to Purple Tuesday, embodying a supportive environment for disability inclusivity.

Malaysia Embracing Purple Tuesday in Malaysia ahead of schedule, Standard Chartered Bank employees and community partners attended the annual Kuala Lumpur Marathon Buddy Run, holding purple balloons amidst the sea of blue and green ones demonstrating their commitments to disability inclusion and Purple Tuesday. This acted as a great conversation starter to raise awareness of their participation in the global movement.


An information reception was hosted by the team at Standard Chartered offices on Purple Tuesday, educating attendees about Purple Tuesday's significance and the bank's partnership with the movement. Delegates actively engaged and participated in a panel discussion, contributing to the exchange of insights, and reinforcing the commitment to disability inclusion in Malaysia.

Standard Chartered's office radiantly decorated in purple, serving as a backdrop for groups of sponsors and ambassadors posing in front of prominent Purple Tuesday branding. The image captures the collective commitment and celebration of inclusivity in support of Purple Tuesday.

Germany Supported by Rehavista, Germany’s first Founding Partner a series of awareness-raising sessions took place on Purple Tuesday, introducing the movement to businesses in Berlin, signing up 30 organisations to participate in the movement, making over 50 commitments to improve accessibility over the next 12 months. This marks a crucial stride in building a more inclusive and accessible business landscape in the country.

3 images, the first one is Groups of people seated, facing a screen adorned with Purple Tuesday branding, the 2nd is Two Purple Tuesday supporters, dressed in purple, surrounded by purple balloons, and the last is Enthusiastic Purple Tuesday supporters celebrating the occasion, all dressed in vibrant purple attire


USA Purple Tuesday was again celebrated in Minnesota at St Cloud State University with students showing their support for the movement by learning some basic ASL (American Sign Language) from fellow Deaf students. The team at Fraser, Minnesota's premier provider of care for intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism and mental health issues celebrated with residents and staff.



For the first time, Purple Tuesday was being recognised in New York with colleagues at Valley Bank participating in an Accessible Communications event facilitated by Purple Tuesday USA Associate and ASL teacher, Jen Quigley. Everyone practiced some common phrases in ASL to better welcome and support customers who are Deaf in their branches. A team of Purple Tuesday supporters and Ambassadors had a packed day of awareness-raising meetings sharing the movement’s ambitions with businesses and individuals across New York and New Jersey. Excitingly, over 25 organisations have committed to participating in the movement in 2024 and making improvements to their own accessibility.


The team at Fraser, Minnesota's premier provider of care for intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism and mental health issues celebrating with their team and beneficiaries.

3 images in one, the first image is A spacious room filled with Purple Tuesday supporters, adorned with purple decorations throughout the space, the 2nd image is Two Purple Tuesday supporters holding up a sign that reads 'We support Purple Tuesday and the last image is A man sitting in a chair, proudly holding up Purple Tuesday bunting.