The disability conversation is changing and the movement moving, and for the first time in 2022 we held a number of events globally on Tuesday 1st November. We celebrated the day in London, Dubai, Minneapolis and Pakistan. 

London – Piccadilly Lights lit up Purple for the 5th year in a row showing our production, highlighting the importance of the disabled customer experience. We were joined by representatives from our 28 Sector Partners, who then enjoyed a networking breakfast to celebrate and share ideas and insights. Canary Wharf also turned Purple in the evening in celebration, which the Purple Tuesday team attended along with Canary Wharf employees.

Members of the Purple Tuesday team and ambassadors proudly posing for photos at iconic locations, including Canary Wharf and Piccadilly Lights. Additionally, capturing the spirit of unity, they are gathered in a room, celebrating the success of Purple Tuesday 2022.

Dubai – A celebratory event with our Purple Tuesday Partners based in the UAE took place in the morning, with key landmarks lighting up Purple in the evening!

The Purple Tuesday Dubai team strikes a pose at the Zurich office against a backdrop of numerous Dubai locations illuminated in purple. A specially crafted frosted Purple Tuesday cake takes center stage, adding to the festive atmosphere of the celebration in honor of Purple Tuesday 2022.


Pakistan – Our Purple Tuesday Partners in Pakistan hosted a leader’s dinner to celebrate, share insights and get ready for Purple Tuesday 2023. Many buildings lit up Purple in celebration and to mark the day!

Images of the Purple Tuesday 2022 Event in Pakistan

Minneapolis – Our first event in the US saw a road trip around Minnesota, taking in a tour of Paisley Park (the home and studio of the artist, Prince) and here, a recording of students signing 'Purple Rain' in American Sign Language took place! Followed by an exclusive reception, and wrapped up with a photo in front of Third Avenue Bridge that lit up Purple.

Images of the Purple Tuesday 2022 Event in Menneapolis