Purple Tuesday is about improving the customer experience for disabled people, whether in retail, banking, insurance, tourism, travel and so on. It doesn’t matter if it is a large corporate or a small independent organisation. Over the last four years, over 5,000 organisations have made and delivered commitments to improve their customer service for disabled people.

This year we want to make it even bigger and create a larger impact. We know disabled people and their own customer experiences are the best resources in finding the right solutions. We want to hear your voice and ideas so we can implement your solutions.

Submit your suggestions

Put yourself in the shoes of the boss of a business. How do you improve the customer experience for disabled people – what works and why? What remains a stubborn challenge and how do we unlock the answers?


Organisations are committed to Purple Tuesday and improving the customer experience. Tell us your suggestions so we can share your ideas with them.

Take part in our disability poll

As part of Purple Tuesday 2022, we have produced a short survey which we want as many disabled people, and those with lived experience of disability to complete.


Purple will produce a report of the findings and will work with organisations to ensure the things that work are consistently implemented and where existing challenges remain, the right solutions are put in place.


Be part of changing the customer experience for disabled people and let your voice count.

Survey launching August 2022

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