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Access guidance and support to improve the experience of your disabled customers for only £99.

Did you know...
1.8 billion disabled people in the world, representing 17% of the population
Did you know...
70% of disabled people will NOT return to a business after receiving a poor customer service.

What is Purple Tuesday?

Purple Tuesday is a global social movement and the #1 brand for improving the customer experience for disabled people and their families 365 days a year.

Get involved

It is easy to get involved.
Organisations must make one new commitment to improve their accessibility and practice, implement the improvement and join the global celebrations on 7th November 2023.

Purple Tuesday 2022 Highlights

Purple Tuesday 2022 took place on 1st November 2022, and reached over 23 million people with nearly 40,000 interactions on social media throughout the day. For the first time, Purple Tuesday went global with official celebration events taking place in London, Dubai, USA, and Pakistan. Globally, we had 28 Sector Partners representing a variety of sectors. Find out more here.

What are the key Purple Tuesday benefits?

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Purple Tuesday talks to customers-both disabled and non-disabled who want their brands to be inclusive, fair and deliver a high quality experience for everyone. In return, they will reward with brand loyalty.

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Purple Tuesday talks to staff – 50% of working age adults have a relative or someone in their close network with a disability. They do not want their employer to provide a poorer customer experience because that individual has a disability.

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Purple Tuesday talks to investors who are expecting their investments to return demonstrable social impact.

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Purple Tuesday connects to innovators, thought leaders and like-minded organisations committed to disability and accessibility. It helps foster collaborations and builds new business relationships.


Our 2022 Partners

Selection of Purple Tuesday Sector Partners

Purple Tuesday is important to eBay because our purpose as a business is to create economic opportunity for all, and accessibility is a fundamental pillar of that. We’ve taken great strides over the past 10 years or so at eBay, but as technology and the needs of our customers change, so must we. There is always room for improvement and through partnering with Purple we’re committing to continually adapting and evolving our site as we progress on this journey with them. We know that small changes can make a world of difference to people with a disability who use our platform, and we would encourage any retailers with an online presence especially to do the same.
Eve Williams, Chief Marketing Officer
eBay UK
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